Barolo Antichi Poderi dei Marchesi di Barolo


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Marchesi di Barolo Riserva Grande Annata 1997 - VINS & MILLESIMES

The wine is poured in cement vats, specially made with a cork insulation, the wine remains for a long post-fermentation temperature of about 22 °C (72° F.). In this way, the malolactic fermentation starts and ends spontaneously in a short time. In order to exploit all its richness and allow the various components to blend perfectly with each other and give us a wine fully expressed, but capable of a long life, Barolo Riserva ages of 3 years in Slovenian traditional oak casks of great size, which contribute to make it harmonious and balanced and increasing the fineness of the bouquetComplete its maturation in the bottle for several months and can be marketed only after about 6 years after harvest.



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