Ducru Beaucaillou, Saint Julien

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Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou is named after the beautiful, large stones found in its unique wine-growing terroir. This exceptional ecosystem produces fine, elegant, tasty wines, with a long finish – in short, archetypal Saint-Julien wines. Perched on an exceptional site with incomparable…



Tasting Notes

ColorThe color of wine – deep ruby ​​red.

TasteRich, but at the same time elegant taste of the wine reveals notes of exotic fruits, currants and raisins, silky, polished tannins and a long finish.

AromaThe wine seductive aroma, which harmoniously interwoven notes of ripe fruit, dried strawberries and jam, leather and spice nuances.

GastronomyWine perfectly combined with game birds under a red sauce, ragout of white meat with white sauce, duck with truffles, mature cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou– great wine with a stunning structure, rich and full-bodied. By gathering grapes treated very seriously – 180 employees estates were divided into three teams (40 pickers, porters 10, 10 drivers and those who are responsible for sorting grapes). Harvesting is done by hand. Aging of the wine goes for 18 months in oak barrels, 90% of which are new, and the remaining 10% – annuals.

First vineyard on the estate Chateau Ducret-Bokayyuwas defeated at the end of the XVIII century, when it was called Bergeron. Vineyard already become known as the “Bokayyu”, which means “beautiful stones”, the name came from the fact that it is located on a deep gravel gives the wines of the Medoc special quality. Someone Bertrand Ducret added his name to the title Bokayyu after acquired Château in 1795. Today, the Château – part of the possessions of the family Bori, and is headed by Bruno Borie, a talented winemaker and a wonderful manager, who lives directly in the chateau. The castle overlooking the Gironde, is located on a hill, which allowed at one time to build directly underneath the cellar – an unprecedented luxury for most coastal chateau standing on the drained marshes, basements which are always in danger of being flooded.

Vineyards area 49 hectares are located on a small hill, going down to the Gironde, the vineyards Château Latour in the north and in the south of Chateau Beshvel. The soil here is a deep layer of gravel interspersed with large pebbles rounded shape. The average age of the vines: 40 years. Planting density: 10 thousand. Vines / ha. Grape harvest is done by hand, then there is a full destemming, fermentation in steel tanks using remontazha and malolactic fermentation. Wine goes extract for 18 months in French barriques, 50% of which are new. Before bottling is lightening egg white.

Wine farms Ducret – is the embodiment of all the best qualities of Saint-Julien, namely elegance, balance, generosity and completeness. Durk-Bokayyuis one of the most expensive wines 2nd class belongs to the group of so-called “super second” estates whose fault always evaluated slightly higher than normal fault of the second category. Meticulous attention to detail, strict selection, which resulted in a bottle bottled only excellent Bordeaux from the best grapes, plus conservative in winemaking technology, all play an important role in the success of this wine.


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